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Wesley-Sweetnam photo

Wesley Sweetnam


Runner Wesley has become a well-known face in trail running circles and has often graced the podium during this year’s FALKE Trail Run Series. Always keen to explore new trails, Wesley likes nothing more than packing his running shoes and heading for the great outdoors. Often pictured in impossible spots on various mountains in the Western Cape.
Brenna-Coupland photo

Brenna Coupland


Dynamite comes in small packages and that is definitely true in the case of the effervescent Brenna. With her signature blonde dreadlocks, it is easy to pick this Canadian out from the crowds. A self-proclaimed gym nut and personal trainer, Brenna has steadily built her reputation as a solid tri-athlete and ultra-marathon runner and has recently added mountain-biking to her routine.
Cato-Louw photo

Cato Louw


Radio and TV personality Cato is a massive sports fan – both on and off the field. Cato recently left varsity radio station MFM to join Eyewitness News and can also be seen on-screen doing sport reports for SuperSport. As a keen runner and gym enthusiasts, she will have ample opportunities to try our various sports socks.
Roelof-Mostert photo

Roelof Mostert


The ultimate ultra fan, Roelof comes off a recent top 10 finish in the gruelling 80km Puffer Race and is the brain behind the Seven Passes Ultra Marathon. Sporting a variety of impressive tats and muscles, Roelof is passionate about pushing himself beyond the limits and an ideal candidate for our Advance Performance range of socks.
Matthew-Rushton photo

Matthew Rushton


22-year old Matthew is a professional golfer representing Erinvale Golf Club in Somerset West. An alumni of the University of Notre Dame in the States, he played internationally for both his varsity team and the International Junior Golf Academy. He currently plays the Sunshine Tour circuit.
Peter-Fletcher-Lyndon-Belling photo

Peter Fletcher & Lyndon Belling


It is always game, set and match for this duo of tennis coaches at the Tennis 4 Life Professional Coaching Academy in Kenridge, Cape Town. They love introducing kids to this glorious game and to foster great gamesmanship and competitiveness with integrity. The pair are perfect wearer trial subjects for our line of sport-specific socks for racquet sports.