BCool by FALKE

Keeps feet cool. The planet too.

Our new FALKE sports socks collection are made from recycled eco-friendly textile fibres,
called BCool, whilst still maintaining the same premium quality of durability, comfort and
fit that is expected from the FALKE brand. FALKE sport socks are light, breathable,
cushioned for comfort, recyclable and engineered for performance.

You can now take your performance to the next level with FALKE’S 2022 sports socks
collection, featuring our unique BCool technology – a new generation man-made
fibre which has been spun into fibres using re-cycled polymer.

Pressure Free Black
BCool to your feet
Excellent moisture management properties that transport the moisture away from the skin keeping the feet drier for longer and in combination with the breathable knitted
structure feet stay cooler.

Recycled fibres are spun into a yarn with a high degree of abrasion resistance along with an unrivalled degree of comfort and cushioning
for the wearer - with no added weight.

BCool to the planet
The material used to produce BCool has been re-engineered from 2nd generation (or recycled) polymer sourced sustainably from reputable suppliers.

Falke is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes, contributing
to a greener, more sustainable environment.
Pressure Free White

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