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For as long as the FALKE family can remember, there's existed a thread indelibly connected to South Africa. 

The German-based knitting family built a legwear legacy in the 1900's. Looking to expand their operations in 1974, they set their eyes on the foreign shores. It took only one trip to be enamoured. A vibrant melting pot of cultures, languages and creative influences, South Africa proved the perfect fit and inspiration. And so, an impulse for Africa was set in motion.

Four decades, two factories and many trips later, African flair weaves seamlessly with German precision in every sock and stocking. From the knitting mills of Bellville, to the machines of Rosslyn, products are crafted to not only be technical in function, but to evoke a feeling. It's this feeling that's transcended generations.  

Today, FALKE South Africa has a collective of 650 craftsmen and women with knitting in their blood as much as the FALKE family does. We've walked this road together, and every stitch adds up. Every thread's a link to a common purpose. 

Our values from launch to today are unchanged: Unconditional quality, superb craftsmanship, and constant innovation alongside intricate specialisation, creative design, and last but not least, continuity and absolute reliability.

Our products embody these values across all of our product lines: men's and women's sport and fashion collections. For every activity, FALKE has the right product with an unrivalled level of sophistication and quality.