Keeping Fit at Home with Tyrone Ryan Professional Golfer

Keeping Fit at Home with Tyrone Ryan Professional Golfer

Being locked up at home doesn’t give you the greatest options when trying to work out. But doing your research you can find hundreds of exercises and programs to keep you going. I fortunately have a treadmill at home which I have been using a lot but I have also been running up and down the driveway just to get some fresh air. But movement is also important.

I combined between 5-7 exercises and then do interval work for about 40 minutes. Each exercise for 1 minute then 10 second break to get to the next station. What’s nice about this way of training, is that you get a complete body workout and if you want to take it a step further I focused one session on 1 muscle group. But that is a real challenge.

During this lockdown it is important to keep moving. Even walking around the garden for 30 minutes is good. For me a person who loves running and being outside isn’t an option, treadmill running is great to get the miles in and then sit outside to get the fresh air. No matter how small your area is you are able to achieve a lot more than you think. I searched home training on the internet and got some really cool programs which I have just followed and a few friends and I post a challenge every day. This also helps with the motivation.

I’ve been able to keep moving and stay fit during this time. Recovery has also played a huge part and this because of the lack of walking around, you tend to tighten up so light stretches after each workout has been important. Compression socks is essential for recovery after a treadmill run because I find the same motion in the same spot doesn’t allow your body to get the blood flow it needs. So training at home can be done. You just have to use your imagination.

-Tyrone Ryan


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